Sunday School Classes

Our Sunday School classes are separated by age group. Therefore we have a class that meets you in whatever stage of life you find yourself. Our Sunday School classes are formed to build community and to live out and study God's Word together. If you have any questions or are interested in a class, please email us.


Singles - Brenda Huffman and Jon Morgan

College - Caleb and Molly Sears

Graduate and Professionals – Tyler Barton

Ungraded 1, Ladies – Tracy Vice

Ungraded 2 – Allie and Margaret Butler

Ungraded 3 – Wayne Daniels

Ungraded 4 – Shane Roberts and Ken Shivers

Ungraded 5 – Art Coggins

Ungraded 6 – Gene Hayes and Richard Rayburn

Median Adult 1 – Ronn Patterson

Median Adult 2 – Jack Bankston and Steve Gilbert

Median Adult 3 – Ken Hatfield and Bob Crumpton

Young Adult 1 – Robin and Kenneth Bryant

Young Married 2 – Russell Wilson

Young Married 3 – Jeremy Head

Sr. Adult 3 – Pat Boggs, Betty Blackwell, Nan Carroll, John McCombs, David Johnson, Terry Harbison


7th and 8th Grade Girls - Rita Otwell and Brenda Stanley

7th and 8th Grade Boys - James Reedy and Stuart Scott

9th and 10th Grade Girls - 

9th and 10th Grade Guys - Mark Hyde and Ricky Nicholas

11th and 12th Grade Girls - Michelle Hyde and Lisa Stewart

11th and 12th Grade - Marty Higgins


1st Grade Coed – Terry and Sandy Casey, Robbie Patterson

2nd Grade Coed – Sandra Franklin, Robert Miller, Pat Patterson, Sharon Phillips, Judy Walton

3rd and 4th Grade Coed – Charlie and Lisa Crane, Billy Long

5th Grade Coed – Susan Williams

6th Grade Coed – Cheryl Caldwell, Pam Travis


Bed Babies – Debbie Harbison and Leslie Hill

Toddlers – Teresa Gholson and Cheryl Morrison

3 years – Kyle and Rebecca Washington

4 and 5 years – Janet McKinney and Janice Shivers