Upward Picture Day

Saturday, January 13   click here to see the schedule.

Upward Flag football rosters

The Flag Football Games for Saturday, October 28th have been cancelled because of the impending weather.  We will present the Trophies to the players and cheerleaders in the CFLC at 10:00 AM on Saturday, October 28th.  

Younger 1st-3rd
Broncos Giants
Brent Tuggle Nell Sales
Jeff Covin Dwight Williams
Practice Field 1A Practice Field 2A
Andrew T. Benjamin K.
Brock T. Cornellious S.
Brooks C. Dwight W.
Hayden G. Frank W.
Luke H. Jordan J.
Zachary T. Kendall C.
Browns Lions
Rod Powell Matt Gibson
Mike Theros
Practice Field 1B Practice Field 2B
Ethan G. Dustin V.
Jason T. Easton M.
Jeremih M. Jackson I.
Joseph P. Quinton J.
Rashaad P. Taylor B.
Rodregas P. Zachary B.
Older 4th-8th
Packers Saints
Henry Howard Erskin Reece
Corey Hardin Kareem Campbell
Rich Barnes
Practice Field 3A Practice Field 4A
Aaron A. Brandon C.
Amoz A. Brandon W.
Antonio R. Calvin R.
Devin F. Damian R.
Christian S. Hannah W.
Jonah B. Jacob K.
Luke H. Kyle W.
Parker H. Sofia T.
Zane B. Zion J.
Patriots Seahawks
Bobby Maddox Al Hickman
Ken Cottingham Jeff Simpson
Allie Butler
Practice Field 3B Practice Field 4B
Barry L. Chris L.
Garrett U. Daniel H.
Cobe T. Daytrell D.
Eli S. Faith T.
Hayden C. Grady J.
Holland C. Izzie B.
Jairus B. Jordan S.
Logan M. Kolin S.
Samuel B. Timothy B.