Operation Christmas CHild

We Did It  800 Showboxes Packed!! Thank You Church!

Items Needed

Collection box for these items will be in the Chandler Family Life Center or the Worship Center. The following list is what we are asking for you to help in giving each month.

Boys Socks & Underwear) age 2-5

Boys Socks & Underwear age 5-9

Boys Socks & Underwear age 10-14

Girls Socks & Underwear) age 2-5

Girls Socks & Underwear age 5-9

Girls Socks & Underwear age 10-14

January - Washcloth & Bar Soap

February - Small Puzzles, Small Games, Tote Bags

March - Comb/Brush, Hair accessories

April - Coloring Books/Crayons

May - Jump Ropes, Toothbrushes, Pens & Pencils

June - Small Stuffed Animals, Hot Wheels/Matchbox, Small Dolls/Barbie

July & August - Crayons, Colored Pencils, Pencil Sharpeners, Erasers, Markers, Notebook Paper, Pens,Small Frisbee, Small Balls, Small Animals

September - Flip Flops

October - $10 Shipping Money

November - Prayer for Shoeboxes

December - Washcloths, Soap, Underwear, Socks

WOW! Items may be purchased in addition to the monthly items.

Small Flashlight with Batteries, toy jewelry, small sewing kits, small fishing kits, small gardening kits (no seeds), small tool set, musical instruments, playing cards, reusable bags, small etch-a-sketch, uninflated soccer balls, tire pump (small) jump rope, Play-dough, yo-yos, slinky, sunglasses, water bottles, small plastic cups, plates, paddle ball, binoculars. School Supplies: crayons, colored pencils, colored markers, pens, small note pads, erasers, solar calculators, pencil sharpeners, Notebook Paper